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The air intake system of gas generator and check before use

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-28
Several key points of inspection of natural gas generator set before using natural gas generator set before the start, first open the air supply valve, check the connection in the pipeline and reliable. If line installed in the buffer tank, still should open the drain valve, at the bottom of the drain voltage stabilizing a jar of dirt, clean air, close the drain valve. To the bottom of the oil in oil filling the required oil level position, to the cooling system of the refill coolant, check the electric system of the circuit connection is correct, the battery power is enough. Check gas path. Check gas pipeline pressure gauge indicates whether normal, open the inlet valve of gas generators, switching power supply is connected. The governor idle rated switch is in the idle state starting the engine. For the oil temperature, water temperature rose to 45 degrees, 70 degrees, oil pressure is higher than 0. 245 mpa, the natural gas generator set to work at a high speed. On the phone or parked more than 5 days of unused gas generator set, should offer crankshaft 3 - before starting 5. For parking at ordinary times of gas used as an emergency generator set, to facilitate in the push can quickly start to run, parking period, every 3 - 5 day trial run again to water, the oil temperature to more than 60 degrees. The air intake system of gas generator set is introduced natural gas generating set with the hair idea load change, mixer speed governor control and regulate, to increase or decrease in mixture supply, meet the needs of hair thought power. Air pressure difference before and after the mixer used mixer to control fuel gas cone valve opening. When entering the mixer of fuel gas pressure take a fixed value, can make of mixture of air and the volume of gas is constant, the air-fuel ratio is not due to the load is not the same. This is very important to the operation condition of the hair idea. Air into the mixer, combustible gas from two head of mixer in a cone valve horizontal tube into the mixer. The horizontal tube on both ends of the two conical valve is installed in the diaphragm assembly, spring mold piece. When mixer does not work, two head diaphragm under the effect of spring and the mixer body against the wall, and shares the conical valve plug the two ends of the horizontal tube of combustible gas through the mouth.
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