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The analysis of the status quo of biomass

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-09
Biomass energy is known as the green oil, it is through the photosynthesis of green plants to solar radiation energy in a fixed form of biomass energy, is the most important way of indirect use of solar energy, biomass, mainly includes: wood, crops ( Straw, rice husk, straw, the bean pole, cotton pole, chaff, etc. ) , weeds, algae and organic wastes, etc. Biomass, a renewable, low pollution, low density, and biomass are widely distributed, large reserves, is second only to coal, oil and gas and one of the world's fourth overall energy consumption of energy. Biomass energy as a kind of clean and renewable energy, is the only alternative to fossil fuels into gaseous, liquid, and solid fuel and other chemical raw materials or products of carbon resource. Biomass power generation is the use of biomass power generation of biomass energy, is a kind of renewable energy power generation, it is directly or indirectly from the photosynthesis of green plants, are inexhaustible, inexhaustible energy resources, is a form of solar energy. Biomass, which make use of agriculture, forestry and industrial waste, and even urban waste as raw material, adopt the mode of direct combustion and gasification power generation, including: direct combustion power generation, agriculture, forestry and agriculture and forestry waste waste gasification power generation, waste incineration power generation, landfill gas power generation, and biogas power generation and so on. In recent years, increasingly nervous energy, electricity supply and demand at home and abroad, biomass as a renewable energy is more and more highlights its necessity. In our country, biomass research began in 1987, 1998, 1 mw chaff gasification power generation demonstration project built and put into operation, in 1999, 1 mw sawdust gasification power generation demonstration project completed and put into operation, in June 2000 mw straw gasification power generation demonstration project put into production operation, for our country a better kind of biomass has laid a good foundation. In order to promote the development of biomass power generation technology, since 2003, the state has approved the hebei joinville, shandong power plant, some in jiangsu and hunan yueyang, straw power generation project. At the end of 2005, our country has developed with a pool of more than 1800 households, built large livestock and poultry farms biogas engineering and industrial organic wastewater biogas engineering is about 1500. About 1. 7 million kilowatts of bagasse power generation, waste power generation about 200000 kw, the rest of the agriculture and forestry waste such as rice husk gasification power generation, and biogas power generation and so on. By 2006, the total installed capacity of about 2000 mw biomass power generation in our country, including bagasse power 1700 mw and above, mainly sugar factory bagasse power, in recent years, appeared a batch of straw burning power plant directly, achieved good social and environmental benefits. Preparing biomass and biogas power generation achieved rapid development since 2005, including light industries, municipal ( Landfill gas, sewage treatment, biogas) , biogas plants in a variety of ways, such as biomass biogas power generation are developed. Garbage power generation in China has made great progress, in waste incineration power plant is built, the vast majority of the circulating fluidized bed waste incinerator. At present our country has built a total installed capacity of 20000 mw biomass power generation project, instead of the 75 million tons of standard coal each year, greatly reducing the pollution emissions, light straw this one also can bring 20 billion - to farmers An income of 30 billion yuan, from the overall view, the current biomass power generation industry in China is still in its infancy stage, the commercial application is low, the market competitiveness is weak, the next two decades, biomass power generation technology will fully market-oriented, and conventional energy to equal competition, when the community biomass proportion will be improved to a great extent, become one of the main energy.
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