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The basic conditions of biogas fermentation process

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-25
1) The suitable fermentation temperature biogas generator set temperature of the pool can be divided into: (1) under normal temperature fermentation ( Also known as low temperature fermentation) 3 m3 / m3 & middot; d。 (2) in the fermentation temperature 30 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, under the condition of the temperature, ChiRong gas production rate can be up to 1 m3 / m3 & middot; D. 5 m3 / m3 & middot; D. The temperature condition of biogas fermentation economy is 35 ℃, the medium temperature fermentation. ( 2) Appropriate fermentation liquor concentration fermentation liquor concentration range is 2 ~ 30%. The more high yield gas concentration. Fermented liquid concentration above 20% called dry fermentation. Rural household biogas digester can be fermented liquid concentration according to the need of how much raw material and fuel gas, and to adjust the whole season change. Summer in removing material concentration is 5 ~ 6%; Winter in material temperature 10-12%. ( 3) Fermented materials of suitable proportion of carbon, nitrogen, C: N) In demand for carbon biogas fermentation microorganisms, followed by nitrogen, we put the microbes to measure the ratio of the demand of carbon and nitrogen, called carbon nitrogen ratio and C: N. At present generally adopts the C: N = 25:1. Ten points but not strictly, can be normal, transcribed, and spake unto all the sons of fermentation. ( 4) The suitable acidity ( PH) 5. The activity of the enzyme pH rang, so affect the fermentation rate. ( 5) Sufficient quantity of bacteria strains of biogas fermentation of number, quality directly affects the biogas production and quality. General requirements for 10 to 30% of the total material liquid fermentation, to guarantee the normal start and vigorous gas. ( 6) Lower oxidation reduction potential ( Anaerobic environment) Biogas methane bacteria required in the oxidation reduction potential is greater than the one under the condition of 330 mv to grow. This condition: strict anaerobic environment. So, the biogas to seal.
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