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The battery of gas generator set how should maintain

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-27
Start the battery is important component of the gas generator set, not start battery, gas generators can't start properly, therefore, at ordinary times is very important for the maintenance of diesel generator set battery. The battery of gas generator set should be how to maintain? Natural gas generating set at startup time need to start the battery, the battery of gas generator set for daily basic maintenance, first of all should pay attention to personal safety, diesel generator manufacturer is introduced: the maintenance of batteries should be put on acid proof apron and wear the mask or goggles, once accidentally splashed down electrolyte on skin or clothing, should rinse immediately with plenty of water. In to the natural gas generator set the battery for the first time, should pay attention to continuous charging time should not exceed 4 hours, charging time is too long will damage to the service life of the battery. Persists for more than 30 ℃ environment temperature, 86° F) Or relative humidity remains above 80%, charging time is 8 hours. Diesel generator manufacturer is introduced: such as battery storage time more than 1 year, charging time for 12 hours. At the end of the charging line, should check the electrolyte level, enough to join the correct proportion (when necessary 1-1. 28) The standard of electrolyte. Unscrew the battery case a top, slowly injecting electrolyte until the upper metal between two scale line and try to close to the upper scale line. After add good, please don't use immediately, should let the battery park for about 15 minutes. Battery storage time more than 3 months, charging time for 8 hours. Remind: when to recharge the battery, should first open the battery filter cap or vent cover, and check the electrolyte level, with distilled water to adjust when necessary. In addition, in order to prevent long-term closed pollution gas in the battery case is not discharge in time and avoid water at the top of the inside of the cell walls of condensation, it should be paid attention to special vent open, to ease the flow of air is appropriate. For gas generators, gas generators, gas generator, biogas generator set, gas generator, biomass generator set and accessories, please contact us, manufacturer of gas generator: new shengan power technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. Contact tel: 0531 - 62337587/400 - 6988 - 190.
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