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The cause of the engine can't start

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-07
The cause of the gas engine can't start the serial number of fault characteristics and the reasons causing deduction method 1 gas system failure ( 1) Gas pressure is not reasonable adjustment to the specified requirements ( 2) Gas in the air should be empty, 3) Damage to replace the diaphragm of diaphragm (mixture 4) Gas inlet blocking cleaning ( 5) Clean air inlet jam ( 6) The relief valve diaphragm replacement diaphragm 2 ignition system failure (bad 1) Spark plug is not lighter, high tension line lighter, spark plug damage replace spark plug ( 2) High tension line with high voltage coil poor contact, causing the high tension line not lighter, high pressure coil former low-tension wire has good voltage reconnected ( 3) Fuse to replace broken: (3 electric starting system malfunction 1) Circuit wiring errors or poor contact check the wiring is correct and strong, 2) Battery shortage by power sufficient battery power or increase the parallel battery using ( 3) Starting motor brush and commutator without contact or poor contact repair or replace carbon brush, use wood sandpaper clean the commutator surface, and blowing off, brush or adjust the spring pressure ignition normal but not angry ( l) Piston ring and cylinder liner excessive wear replace piston ring, according to the condition of wear and tear to replace the cylinder jacket ( 2) Valve leak check valve clearance, valve spring, valve guide and valve seat sealing, bad sealing should be repaired and ground check and ( 3) Natural gas is not normal use normal 5 with gas phase not review with gas phase 6 environment temperature is too low; Starting time is long not angry according to the actual environment temperature and adopt corresponding measures cold starting 7 speed regulating system failure: ( 1) Speed power off or pick up the check the power supply and wiring ( 2) Governor mechanism transmission rod is stuck to installation and adjustment, 3) Appropriate increase the limiting current (high speed current limit Anticlockwise)
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