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The characteristics of biomass, biomass of gas gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-08
( 1) About the using way, biomass gas generator has the following characteristics: 1) Produce the high grade of electricity. Compared with other ways of output, into electricity, there can be more widely used, use more convenient also. 2) Dispersing, suitable for local use. With conventional power generation mode and compared to wind power and other renewable energy power generation, biomass is more suitable for use, use nearby. This is because: the difficulty of the biomass energy conversion determines the capacity of the conversion equipment it is impossible to do big, so suitable for dispersion; Biomass is more close to the place of human life, do not need outbound fuel and long-distance transmission, can demand for human use can meet near you. Especially suitable for living scattered, sparsely populated, electricity load small farming and animal husbandry area and mountain area. 3) Good technical foundation. Biomass structure similar to that of conventional fossil fuels, the use of methods of similar to fossil fuels. Can draw lessons from the use of conventional energy technology, technology development is fast. ( 2) About the environmental impact, biomass power generation has the following characteristics: 1) There is still a carbon emissions, but less than fossil fuels. And wind power, solar power and other renewable energy power generation mode, compared the biomass gas power generation will produce carbon emissions. Compared with the conventional thermal power plants using fossil fuels, biomass production process are much less carbon emissions. More important, because the biomass derived from C0, ( Photosynthesis) , produce co, after burning, in its natural cycle, does not increase the content of co2 from the atmosphere, it has to do with the billions of years ago, absorption of the co2 emissions in contemporary times and our fleet of fossil fuels. 2) Waste, more environmental protection. Biomass, besides itself produces less pollution of the environment, but also realize recycling, by the way, can solve the problem of waste, garbage disposal, and cleaning effect to the environment. ( 3) Biomass power generation need to pay attention to the following questions: 1) Material is generating an important supporting technology, the cow is a biomass energy conversion technology, equipment must be safe and reliable. In biomass conversion process is completed, or the remaining some poisonous and harmful substances, if there is a leak or emissions is undeserved, still can cause secondary pollution. 2) Energy crops have to take up a lot of land. The use of biomass energy takes up a lot of land. The land used to produce other renewable energy, may be more beneficial to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. H power plant to provide energy, the use of solar energy to 40 hm2 ( 1hm2=10 m2) It's about iOOhm2, wind farms, and 300 - to land to grow crops for energy 1 ooohd ( According to the reasonable production and conversion efficiency considering) 。 And types of renewable energy covers is not the same. Solar energy can make use of the roof space, and wind power can take advantage of the mountain or barren land, but energy crops must make use of the cultivated land. 3) Electricity generation by using local biological resources of raw materials must have enough storage capacity, to ensure the continuous supply.
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