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The characteristics of the gas used in internal combustion engine

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-19
The octane value of the methane between 105 ~ 115, the octane value of the biogas is higher. Because the antiknock performance is good, biogas generator set can choose a higher compression ratio. Diesel engine when burning gas, or dual fuel, can have no less than the power of the original machine. Diesel engine burning diesel all the rated power of 9708 w / 2000 r/min, if burning 70% methane and 30% of diesel, also can achieve the target. Like all burn methane, adjust the compression ratio and combustion chamber, can reach 11032 w / 2000 r/min, and even higher. Methane burning point between 640 ~ 840 ℃, it in an airtight conditions and air mixing ratio is 1/120 ~ 1/7 in case a fire, as a result, you can use it to make internal combustion engine. Biogas theoretical combustion temperature is 1807. 2 ~ 1945. In 5 ℃, the methane mixed with carbon dioxide gas, make the flame propagation speed is low, so in the internal combustion engine has good antiknock function.
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