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The classification of generator excitation control system

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-09
There are three kinds of excitation control system, one is the ac exciter system. Ac excitation system is divided into self-excited excitation type with it. Self-excitation type ac exciter is the generator field current ac exciter by thyristor rectifier equipment supply, ac exciter excitation generally adopts thyristor self-excitation constant pressure method, configuration by self-excitation type ac exciter excitation regulator control thyristor to achieve the purpose of regulating output current. It wound type ac exciter is also known as compressors it excitation system, its main exciter of communication and exchange, deputy exciter generator with coaxial, generator excitation current from ac main exciter through silicon rectifier supply, communication main exciter excitation current supplied by thyristor controlled rectifier, the change of the thyristor control Angle change ac exciter excitation current, the power supply provided by the deputy exciter. It all by thyristor excitation and self-excited generator excitation supply, thus is referred to as static excitation. There is difference in the two category, it is the brushless excitation system ( Generator excitation by brushless exciter rotating output after not silicon controlled rectifier diode rectifier supply, while the excitation brushless exciter by permanent magnet machine output after silicon controlled rectifier supply or by generating pattern set by the transformer step-down again after rectifying supply) 。 Static excitation system must have a slip ring this element to provide generator rotor excitation current, slip ring, as a kind of contact element, need to transport large current, so need a lot of to increase the number of slip ring and carbon brush, also easy to slip ring overheating or the phenomenon of carbon brush lighter, in order to share the current, to prevent slip ring overheating, in certain environments, such as explosion-proof, many generator cancelled the slip ring and carbon brush structure, adopt the brushless excitation system. Second, static excitation system, static excitation system is divided into self shunt excitation system and the compound excitation system. Static excitation of generator excitation power from power generation pattern in our side, after excitation transformer step-down supply silicon controlled rectifier device, and the silicon controlled rectifier into a dc, through out the magnetic switch is introduced to the field winding of generator. Since the compound is in self shunt excitation system on the basis of an additional generator stator excitation converter connected in series, the combined power supply to the rotor of the generator. Three is the dc exciter system, it is a dc generator to provide excitation synchronous generator rotor loop current, dc exciter system can be divided into self-excited and it excited the two ( Now use less, generally used for small capacity generators, here is not alone) 。
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