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The comprehensive utilization of biogas power generation efficiency

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-19
Biogas power generation is with the continuous development of comprehensive utilization of biogas and the emergence of a biogas utilization technology, it will methane as raw material to produce electricity, and waste heat utilization system can be used to assist to provide heat energy, is an important way to effective utilization of biogas. Currently used in biogas power generation equipment mainly include internal combustion engines and steam turbines. Biogas internal combustion power generation using industrial, agricultural or urban life in a large number of organic waste by anaerobic fermentation biogas production, drive the biogas generator set power generation, and can make full use of the generating sets of waste heat in biogas production, make comprehensive thermal efficiency is about 80%, much higher than average 30 to 40% of the power generation efficiency, the user's economic benefit is remarkable. Green ring biogas generator set in the performance, fuel economy, reliability and security were greatly improved, its main performance index has reached the international advanced level, can satisfy the business enterprise, grid power supply and the demand of the market. Shengan biogas power generator set
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