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The difference between the natural gas generating set and diesel engine

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-01
New booster shengan power of 500 kw gas generator of high heat value gas in natural gas as fuel ignition type gas press, form a complete set of main generator with Siemens technology. The engine partly in T12V190 type gas machine based on the development of new products, a high degree of two kinds of model generalization. This engine in the pressurization T12V190 type model on the basis of increased the pressurization system and heart system, cooling system with the method of separate high and low temperature cycle, high temperature circulating cooling cylinder, the body, cylinder cover, such as high temperature parts, low temperature circulation cooling pressurized gas, air and oil cooler. Air inlet on the t - 200 was produced by IMPCO companies in the United States Type 1 mixer, belongs to the naturally aspirated model. The difference between the natural gas generating set and diesel engine, the piston: diesel engine USES is & omega; Piston type; Natural gas generator set is basin structure. Natural gas generator set adopts basin type structure for two reasons. 1, can reduce the compression ratio. Compression ratio of gas generators cannot too big, otherwise easy to knock. Natural gas engine with 8. Compression ratio 3:1, diesel engine's compression ratio for that. 2, no requirements like diesel oil - gas engine air form gas mixture in the combustion chamber, so the piston top is flat, and because the natural gas engine combustion chamber temperature is higher than diesel engine, if into various shapes, edge, soles and mouth edge will burn out due to continuous high temperature. CAM: gas engine camshaft is different from diesel engine is linear. Diesel engine valve overlap Angle is 128 & deg; So that we can have a plenty of scavenging time, to be able to cylinder, valve and cylinder head down the temperature of high temperature components. The natural gas engine valve overlap Angle is 22 & deg; , scavenging can only through the piston out, not large area scavenging. It is also a gas machine exhaust temperature is higher than diesel engine is one of the reasons for many. Supercharger: natural gas engine with double supercharger structure, belongs to the variable pressure system, namely pulse system, as far as possible big pressure on the pressure change in the exhaust pipe. Even each cylinder exhaust branch pipe must not overlap, general exhaust pulse duration is 240 & deg; The crankshaft Angle. Also because after the combustion of methane volume remains the same, and after the diesel combustion volume, so also should pay attention to when choosing a supercharger, gas machine are smaller than turbocharger compressor wheel. The ignition system: gas fuel and ignition system is obviously different from diesel engine, also was a significant difference compared with gasoline engine. Diesel engine using compression without ignition systems, so diesel engine compression ratio is relatively large. Compared with gasoline engine gas engine is compared commonly big, large diameter, high compression ratio than gasoline engine, so you need the ignition energy of ignition system, the ignition voltage is higher than gasoline engines, general is 1. 2 ~ 4报; 104. In addition, the fuel gas engine ignition system and the energy of the capacitor energy storage, high silicon controlled switch quickly, voltage rise fast, instantaneous high voltage ignition coils, spark, ignition success rate is high, the spark plug life is long, etc. Gas generator gas machine finalize the design product, as our factory has reached the domestic leading level, efficiency> 35%, our factory is manufacture and run successfully, 600 kw generators leading model gf - 500 RT can stable operation in more than 450 kw, especially suitable for the application of oil associated gas and other gas idle. As supercharging technology and the further research of hybrid technology, gas generator set will be more and more reliable, power will be raised to a new level.
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