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The gas generator equipping actuating mechanism is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-18
Gas generator equipping 1, camshaft camshaft actuating mechanism is introduced in the middle of the body V Angle seat hole. In order of certain azimuth 24 CAM, drive roller radial bobbing up and down, the tappet and cylinder head valve rocker arm and rocker cross bridge, regularly controls two valve opening and closing of the same name. 2, roller, radial component roller rocker arm shaft of the gas generator set is composed of three sections of the completely same structure axis, each section of the roller on the rocker arm shaft are equipped with four roller rocker arm, each control symmetrical layout of two cylinder inlet and exhaust valve opening and closing. 3, the working process of valve-train in the process of gas generator set work, through the drive gear, crankshaft drives the camshaft. Because of CAM peach type curve, when a CAM pick shape corresponding contact roller rocker arm, the rocker arm on roller of roller rocker arm shaft as the axis of rotation upwards, push the tappet upward movement, the intake rocker arm end jacking, on the other side is down central cross the bridge, cross the bridge two contact with two valves with the same bar at the top of the contact at the same time, overcome resistance, valve spring will be a two valves with the same pressure. When the CAM pick shape from the corresponding roller rocker arm, two of the same name under the action of the valve in the valve springs back to the closed position. The above introduction, you understand? If you have not understand place, you are welcome to call new shengan power technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. , comprehensive introduction for you, we welcome you to visit.
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