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The gas purity of gas generator set is very important

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-04
Is a kind of gas generator in response to the global environmental protection call for the development of new type of generator set, compared with fuel generating units, its pollution is much smaller, but it must be based on a, that is the quality of the gas, also can saying is the purity of gas, gas generating set small make up today with you to discuss this problem. Can use gas gas generator, including methane, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, gas, etc. , although each are not identical, but they all have one common feature, is the requirement for purity, only standard of purity, miscellaneous quality is lower than the national standard, is of high quality gas, can let the work efficient gas generator, reduce pollution. If you covet is cheap to use the magazine more inferior gas, not only can increase pollution to the environment, for the unit, also has a fatal blow, the long down inside the unit will be damaged, unable to maintain good working condition, shorten service life. So whether it's for your own economic benefits, or for the purpose of protecting the environment, you are as far as possible the choice of the standard of high quality gas purity, it is very important in the process of using the gas generator.
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