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The installation of biogas generator engine

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-17
Biogas generator set before installation, the user must read carefully biogas generator engine installation and use safety guidelines. A, the installation of gas pipeline and gas piping should be equipped with control valve and pressure gauge, to control the gas pressure of the solenoid valve and pressure regulator, into the room of the pipeline diameter shall not be less than 2. Installed gas pipeline, should be through the strict inspection before driving, shall not be any leakage. Factory building structure should be according to the level of fire rating. According to the requirements of explosion-proof, indoor should be equipped with forced ventilation system, considering the gas composition in different proportion, request factory set upper and lower parts of air vents, leads to the outside of the Windows and doors are open outward. Room appliances shall use explosion-proof equipment, eliminating ignition source. Room and control room should be set the methane concentration alarm system and fire equipment. The room should be equipped with lightning protection devices. Three, the installation of the engine size 190 series single biogas generator engine of installation size is the same as the 12 v190b diesel engine standalone. Four, engine installed base foundation structure is determined according to the condition of the soil, and in general foundation depth should be 1. 5 - 2. Om the basis of the length and width is decided according to the size of the chassis, general requirements based edge gets chassis edge is about 0. More than 15 m. Basic chassis should be strengthen, should press when concreting chassis mounting hole position reserved 160 & times; 160 mm square hole, a depth of 600 mm, for the ground screw. Five, the open cooling system installation to install open cooling unit ( Without a fan and radiator) , the user should be built outside the room two pools and the corresponding high and low temperature cooling tower, the pool should have water and drainage and heating device & rsquo; Pool water should be higher than engine pump imported about 0. 3 - 0. 5 m, the high temperature and low temperature tank capacity should be gets 20 m? , the function of the heat sink should have fast warming-up. Six, the installation of exhaust piping by biogas generator engine into the exhaust pipe, the outdoor part of outer surface should be insulated indoors, to prevent gas explosion, because of biogas machine exhaust from contained more water, in order to prevent to outside of tube and muffler in water flow back into the cylinders, the piping should be slightly tilted when installation, and water drain valve is set in lower part, and water on a regular basis. Seven, the installation of the respirator airway to prevent crankcase explosion accident, through the respirator, available within the steel pipe leaking into the crankcase of mixed gas to outdoor. Piping layout should reach air flow, pipe outlet should be located in high, if necessary at the beginning of the engine running-in process, check the effect with alarm.
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