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The internal combustion engine generator set classification

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-16
Internal combustion engine generator set classification: a diesel generating sets, according to the classification of fuel 1, 2, 3, dual fuel gas generator units is divided into: gas generator gas generator set, gas generator set, gas generator set, gas generator set, coke oven gas generator set, coal gas generator set. Second, the unit points 1 according to the country and overseas & ndash; The United States to give priority to - Cummins generator set, Germany, in accordance with, generator set, etc. 2, the domestic - - - JiChai generating set, dynamic generator, Zi wood is generating set, weichai power generation units, such as the old diesel engine factory, combined with new companies - based on their technology Green ring, detached, corrosion resistance, put hohai power, etc. Three, revolutions classification 1, high speed & ndash; Diesel engine group, low power, low 2 gas generator speed & ndash; Domestic high power gas generator set. New shengan dynamic image: gas generator

the fuel gas generator set picture

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