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The internal combustion engine related knowledge is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-23
All kinds of mechanical contrast of the steam engine: relative to the internal combustion engine belongs to external combustion. By the boiler and the cylinder, piston + linkage, such as steam distribution mechanism, fuel heating boiler ( The fuel burning outside the cylinder, called external combustion) , the water to boil, to produce steam, steam through steam distribution mechanism into the cylinder, forces the pistons to do reciprocating motion. In gas generator set, for example: internal combustion engine, fuel combustion inside the cylinder. Mainly by the cylinder, piston and connecting rod mechanism, distribution mechanism. Fuel in the combustion in cylinder, volume expansion, do reciprocating motion moves the pistons, piston through the linkage reciprocating motion into circular motion output power. Main valve-train is sucked into the air, discharge waste gas. Now use more diesel and gasoline engine are the internal combustion engine. Gas turbines: strict into gas turbines and steam turbines. Mainly by the combustion chamber ( Or boiler) , nozzle, gas ( Or steam turbine) Composition. The high temperature and high pressure gas or steam, through the nozzle effect in the gas ( Or steam turbine) Blades, the blade rotation output energy to do work. Now are mostly steam turbine power plant, some also use steam turbine family propulsion system on large oil tankers. General with natural gas as fuel is gas turbine power plants use. Jet engines: using high speed jet engine itself gas flow generated by reaction of doing work, when the hot gases from the burning of fuel through the nozzle, in which the adiabatic expansion and high-speed jet, common supersonic aircraft and rocket engine is a jet engine
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