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The principle of biomass gasification and power generation

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-06
Biomass gas generator

the basic principle of biomass gasification power generation technology is to convert biomass into combustible gas, reuse of gas drive gas power generation equipment for power generation. It can solve the difficult to burn the biomass distribution and dispersion of faults, and can give full play to the compact gas power generation technology and equipment and the advantages of less pollution, so is the most clean use of biomass energy is the most effective one way.

gasification power generation process includes three aspects, one is the biomass gasification, the solid biomass into fuel gas; Second, gas purification, gasification and gas with certain impurities, including ash, coke and tar, etc. , should be after purification system to remove impurities, in order to ensure the normal operation of gas power generation equipment; Three, use gas, gas turbine or gas internal combustion engine for power generation, some process in order to improve the efficiency of power generation, power generation process can increase the waste heat boiler and steam turbine.

biomass gasification power generation technology is different from other renewable energy sources in utilization of biomass energy in unique ways, have the characteristics of three aspects:

1, is the technology has good flexibility, because of the biomass gasification power generation can use internal combustion engine, also can be used in a gas turbine, even in combination with waste heat boiler and steam generating system, so the biomass gasification power generation can be selected according to the size of the appropriate power generation equipment, guarantee in any scale efficiency of the reasonable. The technology of flexible performance meet the characteristics of biomass dispersed using;

2, is has good clean sex, itself is a renewable energy, biomass can effectively reduce the emissions of harmful gases such as CO2, SO2. The gasification process generally low temperature ( At about 700 - 900 degrees c) , NOx generation rarely, so the effective control of NOx emissions;

3, is the economy, the flexibility of the biomass gasification power generation technology, can guarantee the technology under the small-scale effective good economy, at the same time, gas power generation process is simple and compact equipment, also make the biomass gasification power generation technology is better than other renewable energy power generation technology investment is small,

so overall, biomass gasification power generation technology are all renewable energy technologies in the most economical power generation technology, comprehensive cost is close to a small conventional energy power level.

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