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The protection and maintenance of gas engine

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-06
There are two options can be used to protect the engine performance and life span. The basic method is to fuel pretreatment. Another is to reduce the use of special design of the maintenance interval of biogas engine, Will increase capital investment and affect long-term maintenance costs) 。 Should be different workplaces to consider which method is more economic. Front end gas processing ( Pretreatment) The system will take up quite a proportion of the project funding. System components must be based on function, reliability, and to remove impurities of corrosion damage ability to choose. In theory, the pretreatment can provide close to the pipeline transmission standard of gas, but the economy is usually lower. Preprocessing design usually require some compromise: fuel quality to ensure reasonable maintenance schedule under reliable engine performance. The pretreatment of the required level is directly related to the mass of the gas. Using relative humidity below 80% ( The condensation state) The gas without any water filter equipment. Relative humidity higher than 80% of the gas may need to use with condensed type filter or system to eliminate the water droplets in the gas cooler and filter out the solid matter. In addition, you need to use gas compressor according to the volume and pressure will be needed for flammable transmission to the engine. Combination of other gas pretreatment device can also be according to the application ways and impurity levels to choose to use. These methods include demister, gas - Air cooler, gas - Gas heaters, gas dryer, condensed type filter and condensed water discharge pipe. An efficient gas pretreatment system helps to reduce the need for special maintenance engine but itself also needs maintenance. Processing system of each parts need regular maintenance, depending on the characteristics of gas and equipment type and the rules of the manufacturers. Because the reliability of the gas recovery is determined by its weak parts, when to select all components of the gas pretreatment so as to gas compressors, generators, or other system components to pay special attention to details. There are three basic principles: the engine's improvement. Don't inside the engine? 吗? Produce harmful substances. 。 Corrosion protection for highly vulnerable parts. 。 Potentially corrosive gas discharge.
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