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The reason why biogas generator unit is difficult to start in winter

The reason why biogas generator unit is difficult to start in winter


Biogas generator technology is integrated the environmental protection and energy saving of energy comprehensive utilization of new technology, and now the use of biogas power generation machine machine to generate electricity more and more, the biogas power generation in the pattern in the engine starting, not only is decided by the technical conditions of itself, is also influenced by the outside temperature, especially in winter, the temperature is reduced, biogas generator unit is much more difficult to start, you detailed analysis the reasons are below:

(1) Winter climate cold environment temperature is low, oil viscosity increases, the friction resistance of each moving parts increases, so that the starting speed decreases, difficult to start.

(2) Battery capacity decreases with the decrease of temperature, which further reduces the starting speed of biogas generator set.

(3) Due to the decrease of starting speed, the increase of compressed air leakage, and the increase of heat loss from cylinder wall, the air temperature and pressure at the end of compression are greatly reduced, which makes the delay period of diesel ignition increase, and even can't be burned in severe cases.

(4) The viscosity increases at low temperature, which reduces the injection speed. In addition, the swirling velocity, temperature and pressure of the air at the end of compression are relatively low, which makes the atomization quality of the air injected into the cylinder poor. It is difficult to form a good combustible gas with the air quickly and ignite the combustion timely, or even fail to catch fire, resulting in the starting difficulty.

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