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The reasonable security biogas generator set temperature

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-23
Biogas power generation unit at work to ensure the constant temperature. Especially in the summer and winter. Due to the weather temperature has a great deal of difference, thus make a change in the temperature of gas generator set. Biogas generator temperature, at work, it is easy to overheat. Easy to make the parts damaged biogas generator overheating. If the weather is too cold, resulting in engine oil and diesel oil solidifying, will aggravate the low temperature corrosion. To produce low-temperature sludge. The oil under the condition of the high temperature will appear the phenomenon of the oxidation. Keep the biogas generator set in the normal temperature when the work is actually in order to avoid because the temperature is too high to make the crankshaft strength lower, wear parts, such as intensifying. Furthermore is to make the oil pump has a large amount of pump oil, so as to guarantee the friction surface to get reliable cooling and lubrication. Because the temperature of the oil pump pump oil and engine oil has a lot to do, the temperature too high or too low, all can make pump oil amount is reduced, only when the oil temperature is normal, About 85 ℃ or so) Large amount of pump oil, the biogas generator engine oil viscosity, appropriate both liquidity is good, so can reduce the back flow in the pump. Keep the oil in the normal temperature can also reduce the speed of oil oxidation at high temperature, in order to prolong the service life of engine oil. Into winter, the temperature drops, and in some special insulation situation, we should take some appropriate measures to prevent the biogas generator group leader under time exposure to cold, influence the reliability of equipment, damage to equipment life. More content: biogas generator set https://www. xsapower。 com/
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