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The scope of waste gas generator power can be used

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-22
Waste gas generator power generation technology is integrated the environmental protection and energy saving of the new technology of comprehensive utilization of energy. It is the use of industrial, agricultural or urban life in a large number of organic wastes ( Such as fluid of vinasse, livestock manure, municipal waste and sewage, etc. ) By anaerobic fermentation biogas generated from the processing, drive biogas generator set power generation, and is equipped with integrated power generation device, to generate electricity and heat, is a kind of important effective way using anaerobic methane. Anaerobic biogas power generation has a effect, energy saving, safety and environmental protection can be comprehensive benefits. Anaerobic biogas is animal husbandry and poultry farms, alcohol plant, winery, sugar mill, bean products factory or sewage discharge by anaerobic fermentation of organic waste and sewage, its main composition is methane, CH4) , in addition to carbon dioxide ( Accounts for about 30% ~ 40%) 。 It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, about 55% of the air density, poorly soluble in water, flammable, 1 meter gas calorific value of 35. 857 million. Anaerobic biogas technology is the use of biological chemical methods for livestock feces and industrial organic wastewater treatment technology. Due to its low cost, good treatment effect, has been widely used in practice. Traditionally most using anaerobic methane gas for heating, cooking and lighting, as the production of gas increases, how to more effectively use anaerobic biogas, become a subject in front of us. Anaerobic biogas as the fuel on the power generation, electricity change with biogas production flexible adjustment, can make full use of the biogas. Green ring biogas generator set
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