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The selection of gas engine oil

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-02
The selection of oil gas generator gas generator in the engine oil is used for lubrication of engine moving parts and moving parts play a cooling radiator, take away impurities and prevent rust. The quality of its in addition to the er performance and service life have influence on the engine, etc, also have effects on oil for the use of the term. Therefore, we should according to the use of gas engine oil to choose appropriate specifications such as environment temperature. Oil in low ambient temperatures should guarantee good liquidity, while high oil temperature shall ensure a proper kinematic viscosity. 135 series gas engines should as far as possible using a special engine oil such as 15 w40cd or 15 w40cc. Oil gas generating set must be clean and prevent water from entering the engine oil, different type of oil mixed use of avoid by all means. Need to switch to a different type of oil, the lubrication system should be add new oil after cleaning. In favor of do not conform to the requirements of the oil, cause early failure such as engine running under gas, is the inevitable phenomenon.
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