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The selection of rigid support gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-18
Is one of the generator set, gas generator when the installation of gas generator we adopt rigid support the installation of the unit can be more stable. Today for you to introduce the rigid support of gas generator set installation choose how. Any rigid support must have enough stiffness and weight, in order to prevent the gas generating set and the frame system to produce resonance. When the chassis of bending and torsion are not absolutely rigid, using four rigid bearing the consequences of a serious, may cause the damage of the engine. Rigid point of support, therefore, must be accurate and in parallel on the frame or chassis, will have been fitted with rigid support engine properly on the frame, with a plug gauge measurement on several points out under the support of gap, the gap value within the tolerance of a stable, aim the bearing, pay attention to when tighten, to obey the bolt tightening torque, if can't ensure four-point contact, gas generator to match with mat iron, when using rigid support, the engine output shaft does not support any restrictions. Only the selection of reasonable support rigidity, can we guarantee the robustness of gas generator set installation.
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