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The significance of biogas generator set valued embodiment

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-15
Biogas generator set in the 1970 s in China began to have drawn the attention of the countries, become an important topic of be mentioned. In our country, biogas, biogas generator set has formed series products. At present domestic from 8 kw to 5000 kw capacity of biogas power generation units at all levels have been successively identified and put into production, the main products are all use a single fuel generator and part of the biogas using biogas dual-fuel biogas - Diesel generator set. Use of methane in our country, especially methane gas generator has the very vital significance: one, is the local resources can substitute for imported energy, reducing reliance on imported energy; Second, is to diversify our fuel use, reduce dependence on a kind of energy; Third, is a relatively clean energy, using gas instead of fossil fuel is an ideal way to reduce CO2 emissions, Biogas in the main composition is methane, carbon dioxide, the greenhouse effect is it 21 times) ; Four, is widely distributed, biogas resources available everywhere, is a kind of excellent energy scattered energy supply system. Five, in some ways, biogas power generation can offset operating costs, reduce carbon emissions at the same time, reduce the greenhouse effect. 。
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