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The solution to the diesel generator set of engine overheating

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-04
Diesel generator set of main engine overheating cooling water outlet temperature is too high, lead to heated parts temperature increased, with narrow gap, the decrease of strength of materials, easy to cause parts stuck or broken accident. Will now this kind of failure, the cause of elimination method listed in the table below

serial number failure phenomenon causes elimination method 1 diesel engine overheat ( 1) Cooling system failure (1) inside the pump or air to form in the water pipe plug. (2) the water cooling tank. (3) the cooling water tank heat sink and the brass surface fouling too much. (4) the relaxation, fan drive belt speed reduce air flow. (5) in the cooling system scale serious or waterway channel congestion. 6. Damage of the pump impeller. Section 7 probe is failure. 吗? (1) to eliminate the water pump or air from water pipes, and check whether the pipe joint tight, shall not leak. (2) check the water adding enough water. (3) remove scale, clean surface. (4) adjust the belt tension or replace the belt. (5) cleaning scale, dredge waterways. 6. Replace the pump impeller. 7) check the thermostat, repair or replacement. 2 diesel engine run super load for a long time. To reduce the load. 3 fuel delivery advance Angle is too small to check and reset.
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