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The use of electronic governor and adjust the gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-30
Overview of 12 v135adt gas generator engine matching FsK828A type electronic governor and ZIOR type electromagnetic actuator, the governor has the restriction and protection control of speed and overspeed protection of large current transformation, the steady-state rate is adjustable, high or low speed, start, time limit, the thin oil control, automatic weaver, and other functions. Its control performance is good, the function is all ready, easy installation and maintenance, reliable in performance. Composition and functions of the electronic governor ( l) Structure of the electronic governor is by electromagnetic actuators, speed sensor and controller of three main components of the basic control system. Its basic structure is as follows: controller, controller main engine speed detection, actuator drives, gear lever position detection, to adjust the engine speed, speed regulating function. Speed sensor for one coil structure of electromagnetic sensors, speed sensors it fixed to the engine flywheel ring gear or gear rim. Gear rotates cutting lines produce pulse signal, the engine every turn a tooth, generates a pulse signal. Electromagnetic sensor controller will be collected from the speed sensor to the engine condition is analyzed, and issue the corresponding current signal to the actuator, by performing a device on the engine oil rod produced the corresponding displacement, to adjust the operation condition of the engine. According to the current size, toothed bar stability in different oil supply position, cut off the current, electromagnetic force, reset spring to push the gear lever back on oil cut-off position, fuel injection pump is broken out, the engine stop. ( 2) Speed regulation control system function: adopt closed-loop speed control mode, can accurately adjust the speed of the engine. The stability of the speed by state switch selection, dynamic response can be adjusted by the internal gain and differential potentiometer. High speed switch is used for low speed control and calibration of the speed control switch. External rotation speed trimmer potentiometer can fine adjusting speed deviation. Automatic shutdown protection: when the rotational speed sensor failure, speed feedback signal disappear, or when power off, which can make the engine automatic stop function. Steady state adjust speed adjustable: control as the steady-state rate needs can be set up according to the requirement for the adjustable with an adjustable. Connected the terminals J, K, and the speed is adjustable. The downhill potentiometer clockwise, the steady state rate increased. At this point, the engine calibration speed may need to reset. Double gain function: suitable for use on the different characteristics of the engine, disconnect terminal L, R, gain the selected to gain L, connected to gain 2. Generally an engine stability in high speed, and almost a little, when low speed stability, at this time in order to achieve full speed double gain characteristic are available, and low speed with gain 1, used when high speed gain 2, through a simple switch can switch. L ( Drop) Speed control of time: adjust the speed of the potentiometer can control engine from ( Rated speed) To the rated speed ( Idle speed) The speed of time, the increase of clockwise, counterclockwise. Super protection function: can be set by speeding potentiometer overspeed, tripping signal and output. To control the speed device ( Such as oil or expired device) 。
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