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The use of gas engine in plateau area

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-19
The use of natural gas generator set in plateau area: gas generator used in plateau region and in the plain area, to the gas engine in bring some change, in terms of performance and use the following two points for the use of gas engine in plateau region user reference. 1) Due to the plateau area of low pressure and thin air, less oxygen component, the environment temperature is low, especially for natural gas inlet gas engine, combustion condition, due to lack of air inflow to the nominal power of gas engines can't send the original regulations. Given under the condition of the plateau, the tendency of ignition delay, in order to improve the working economy of the gas engine, generally recommend a turbocharged engine, ignition advance Angle should be properly in advance. As altitude increases, power performance, exhaust temperature rise, so the user when choosing engine should also consider the plateau of engine working ability, strictly avoid overload operation. 2) With the increase of altitude, the environment temperature is lower than that in plain area, generally every 1000 m, the environment temperature will drop about 0. 6° Thin air, plus plateau, therefore, the gas engine starting performance than plain area is poor. Users in the use, with low temperature starting corresponding auxiliary starting measures should be taken.
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