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The use of gas generator set in the highlands and noise control

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-25
Gas generator used in plateau region and in the plain area, bring some changes to engine in terms of performance and use, the following two points for the use of gas engine in plateau region of the user reference. 1. Due to the plateau area of low pressure and thin air, less oxygen component, the environment temperature is low, especially for natural intake engine, combustion condition, due to lack of air inflow to the nominal power of the engine can't send the original provisions. Considering the gas generator under the condition of the plateau, the tendency of ignition delay, in order to improve the running efficiency of the engine, generally recommend a turbocharged engine, ignition advance Angle should be properly in advance. As altitude increases, power performance, exhaust temperature rise, so the user when choosing engine should also consider the plateau of engine working ability, strictly avoid overload operation. 2. With the increase of altitude, the environment temperature is lower than that in plain area, generally every 1000 m, the environment temperature will drop about 0. 6 ℃ or so, and because of the plateau thin air, therefore, the starting performance of engine than plain area is poor. Users in the use, with low temperature starting corresponding auxiliary starting measures should be taken. Gas generator set noise is main noise source of gas generator set, gas engine noise can be divided into the aerodynamic noise and combustion noise, mechanical noise and exhaust noise and vibration noise. Aerodynamic noise mainly includes inlet and exhaust and fan rotating vibration noise caused by air, this part directly to the airborne noise. The combustion in cylinder pressure vibration through the cylinder head, which is formed by the outward radiation noise of the body of the combustion noise; Piston impact of cylinder liner, jet valve-train system of the moving parts such as the impact vibration noise are collectively referred to as mechanical noise. Unit work, exhaust gas from high-speed rushed out of the exhaust valve, the exhaust manifold into the muffler, following from the stern tube into the atmosphere. Exhaust noise is the big noise of engine, often higher than the engine noise host 15 db ( A) Left and right sides, the second combustion noise and mechanical noise, fan noise and intake noise. More content: https://www gas generator. xsapower。 com/
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