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The use of natural gas generator cooling fluid

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-28
Natural gas generator set the use of coolant for cooling system of direct cooling engine cooling fluid, usually with clean fresh water, such as rain, water, or by the clear river water advisable, if direct use well water or other groundwater ( Hard water) , because they contain more minerals, easy in engine water cavity to form scale, affect the cooling effect and cause of failure. If the condition is limited by only hard water, must by the softening rear can use. Softening methods: - a, boiling method Boil water precipitation; B, add 0 in every litres of water. 67 g caustic ( Caustic soda) , with the upper water after mixing precipitation. Natural gas engines in lower than 0 ℃ environmental conditions when using, should be protected from coolant freezes, the frost crack on parts. Can with appropriate according to environment temperature freezing point of antifreeze or before start filling the hot water, but water immediately after parking. With antifreeze, ethylene glycol and alcohol is flammable liquids, such as fire safety should be paid attention to. Engine before using antifreeze, the dirt in the cooling system should be clean, prevent to produce new chemical sediment, so as not to affect the cooling effect. Such as too many engine cooling system scale and dirt, can use the cleaning fluid for cleaning. Cleaning fluid can be made from water, soda and sodium silicate, which add 40 g in per litre soda and 10 g sodium silicate. When cleaning, the cleaning fluid into the engine cooling water cavity, drive run to the water temperature is greater than 60 ℃, carry on parking around two hours, then let out cleaning fluid. Momentum motivation after cooling, rinse with clean water twice, impregnated with cooling water to drive a car after operation, make the water temperature is above 75 ℃, parking drain sewage, into new cooling water after.
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