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The value of biogas generator set analysis

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-30
Such as diesel and natural gas fuel prices continue to rise, people began to expand unconventional application of electricity, so that this kind of application is faced with new opportunities. Local environmental law also growing demand for renewable energy. In addition to reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of the engine, caterpillar power system is looking for new ways, to help deal with unique application requirements, and find a balance between economic benefits and environmental protection. Biogas is one such alternative fuel, gas generating sets are increasingly being used. Biogas is through natural anaerobic decomposition or fermentation of organic waste, these include biological waste, organic waste, municipal solid waste and sewage sludge in the anaerobic environment of biodegradable waste or any other biodegradable materials. The main composition of biogas is methane ( 50% - 80%) And carbon dioxide ( 20% - 50%) 。 Other trace gases, such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen sulfide can also be found in the biogas. Burns, methane content increase one percent, per cubic feet ( 0. 028 cubic meters) Biogas can create about 10 more btu ( 2. 52 kcal) The heat energy. In practical use, under the low calorific value, per cubic foot of methane content is 65% of the biogas can produce about 600 btu ( 5,406 kcal) In the heat. In livestock farm, in most large feed companies will use 7 to 8 meters of sewage pool to collect water. Sewage pool collected from the farms or traditional feeding animal waste of the company. Sewage pool installation in order to collect methane with a cover on it. This method is low cost and no maintenance. Traditionally, the biogas generator sets produced by the most energy consumption within the farm. If there is too much surplus electricity, it can also be converted into economic benefits, you can sell it back to the public power company or neighbouring energy users. In China, India, Indonesia and other parts of the world have discovered the value of biogas is applied in power generation. There, you can install anaerobic biological resolver will waste water is rich in organic matter converted to methane. Treatment plants because of the heavy fuel oil and electricity without having to buy economic benefits are obtained. Before has been used for purification of the wastewater factory of valuable land can be reused. Therefore, commercial department and the residents also benefit. System by using anaerobic decomposition, decomposition of organic matter in a closed environment, then, is used up by the biogas generator set in order to eliminate the because the smell of the resulting from the mass of organic materials decomposition and pests.
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