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The working principle of gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-18
The working principle of gas generator set the working process of the gas generator can be roughly divided into four stroke. As shown in figure 1 - 1. ( 1) Figure 1 - crankshaft along the intake stroke 1 ( a) In the direction indicated by an arrow through the connecting rod drives the piston down 3, 4 and 8 open intake valve. The empty filter filtration of air and gas python system through the mixer after mixing, inhaled gas engine cylinder, when the piston reaches the next check point, inside the cylinder is full of mixture. ( 2) Compression stroke of the crankshaft under the effect of inertia flywheel is driven rotation, by connecting rod to push the piston down to point check point upward movement, through the exhaust valve closed at the same time, the mixture is compressed. ( 3) Power stroke piston movement first check points, 7 in the ignition signal generator and spark plug ignition coil under the action of high pressure generated by the current produced sparks, light the gas cylinder. Combustion during high temperature and high pressure gas to push the piston downward gas generator, through the connecting rod drives the crankshaft, external work transfer torque. ( 4) Exhaust stroke piston from the point to point up the exhaust 6 to open the door, a valve closed. After combustion exhaust gas is the piston in the cylinder, exhaust duct along the discharge outside the cylinder. Repeat the above process, the gas engine operate continuously.
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