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Type gas generator and power selection method gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-24
Type gas generator and power selection method: gas generator, gas generating set selection basis and units configuration: clear gas such as methane gas, natural gas, gas to choose corresponding biogas generator set, gas generator set, gas generator set. Not clear or customer also don't understand: according to the gas composition for reference. Second, gas generating set power selection reference parameter 1, nature gas & ndash; What gases, if don't know if you need the gas heating value, gas volume 2 3 4, large customer load, the unit working hours. For example, 1) Biogas 200 cubic meters/day: customers, the unit work time: 10 hours. Methane content of 50% according to the experience of 1 m3 generation 1. 3kwh。 Big load 30 kw, need to work an hour. 20 kw need at ordinary times. Is to calculate power distribution unit = 200 & times; 1. 3/10 = 26 kw, 10 hours using gas can generate 26 kw per hour. Can meet the demand of 20 kw at ordinary times, equipped with 30 kw gas generator set. If the customer request big load 3 okw also use the unit, it will need to be equipped with 40 kw gas generator set. You want to learn more about natural gas generating set and the calculation method of gas generator set can telephone consultation: 400-6988-190. Images: gas generator for below new shengan power production of biogas generator set image: new shengan power picture 1 below for the new shengan biogas generator power production of natural gas generator set image: new shengan power gas generator 2 pictures below for the new shengan dynamic production of the gas generator set image: new shengan power gas generator set picture 3
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