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Type gas generator and the major domestic manufacturers

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-17
Series 300 natural gas generator group generating set is with gas as raw materials, produced by explosion in the cylinder or combustion heat energy, promote the piston reciprocating motion, thus to drive the generator power generation equipment. Main categories 1 gas generator, natural gas generator set, generator set is based on natural gas as fuel. The main combustible ingredient is methane gas CH4, concentration of 70% to 97%, natural gas is mainly produced from gas Wells or oil associated gas after light ends, the technology of exhaust gas. Gas generator is mainly used for gas and light ends with natural gas resources in the enterprise and along the gas pipeline enterprise can obtain the right to use natural gas. 2, producer gas generator, generator set is the producer gas as fuel, oxygen generator gas is less carbon and water vapor in the chamber of a stove or furnace integrated by REDOX reaction proceeds, the producer gas main combustible component for CO, H2, in addition, there are small amounts of methane CH4 etc. , generally in the producer gas contains a lot of sulfur, benzene, nai, tar, moisture and ash, sulfur, benzene, nai, tar, moisture and ash of gas engine is running, before entering the gas generator set, pretreatment must be carried out. 3, petroleum associated gas generator set: is the generator oil associated gas as fuel. The main combustible oil associated gas ingredients such as CH4 and C2H6, C3H8, C4H10, methane CH4 as the main ingredients, its content is in commonly 80%, oil associated gas produced from oil Wells, therefore, oil associated gas generator is mainly used for oil associated gas fields. 4, coke oven gas generator set: the use of steel and iron the coking gas, & ensp; Blast furnace gas and converter gas, through dust removal, desulfurization, and to take off the tar processing after purification treatment, combustion power into the blast furnace gas generator. 5, CBM ( Methane gas) Generator: with gas as fuel gas generator set. Gas ingredient for methane CH4 gas, the gas source in coal field, there are generally two kinds of acquisition modes, one is ground drilling, coal mine tunnel smoke exhaust. The ground drilling gas gas of methane content is higher, general CH4 content is 60% ~ 95%, also known as coal bed methane; Coal mine tunnel smoke exhaust gas of methane content in lower gas, main is a mixture of methane and air, CH4 content in general is 5% ~ 50%; Methane gas generator is mainly used for large, medium and small coal mines and gas fields. 6, biogas power generation units: with biogas as the fuel of generating set. Biogas main combustible component is methane CH4, methane concentrations is commonly 40% ~ 65%, biogas is biomass produced by the anaerobic fermentation, the main raw material for: livestock manure, garbage and sewage, plants, animals, organic matter, such as fat and protein. Biogas generator is mainly used for farms, landfill, sewage treatment plant, food factory, brewery, FaJiaoChang, citric acid factory and paper mills, and other enterprises. Domestic main land make suppliers 1, medium oil with gas mechanism JiChai, 190 series 2, zibo diesel engine factory, 170 series, 200 - 550 kw3, weifang diesel engine factory, 170 series, 200 - 550 kw4, yulin diesel engine factory, Vehicle) 5, on the wood, Vehicle) 6, CSR group from ziyang diesel engine, series 240, series 550-280 1600 kw, mitsubishi MACH30G series, 3500 - 5200 kw7, river wood, deutz series TBG236, TBG620V8 / V12 / V16, 120 - 1200 kw8, shanxi diesel engine industry co. , LTD. 9, yiwu generating equipment companies, domestic maximum power 3200 kw, prime mover from gas-fired plants: cummins, CSR from ziyang, wood river, weichai, in accordance with, and so on. Above is the new shengan power of relevant knowledge about gas generator set, thank you for your attention.
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