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Used to do a good job in security work before gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-23
As a kind of new gas generator equipment, because of its high reliability and good startup performance, low pollution, etc from a host of power generation equipment, become a highly popular products. But even if the reliability of the gas generator to high, we still can't neglect, before installing the use must be to do a good job of safety related, specific content has been laid out for you, see below. 1, gas generator set installation chassis and foundation application flat shim leveling, contact area should be over 60%, and the uniform distribution; 2, gas generator set's engine to install combustible gas alarm device, so one thousand gas leak, found in the time. 3, good choice capacious, bright, and required to install exhaust fan to ensure good ventilation, help to the use of units; 4, to ensure absolute safety, gas generating set equipment room should be far away from the fire area; 5, make indoor lighting, switches, circuit and electric installation should explosion-proof measures; 6, improve the fire control measures, equipped with fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment; To large degree of ensuring the safety of using the above six must do all of this, and everyone in their daily use of gas generator set, often should check on the content of the mentioned above, see if ventilation is good, the explosion and fire fighting measures are in place, alarm device is valid.
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