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Using biogas generator engine oil should not be too much

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-23
Using biogas generator oil any machine running, not too much oil is little not, diesel generator is not exceptional also, oil plays a important role of lubrication and maintenance parts. Since some friends think that is the maintenance parts, must be the more the better, but the idea is wrong. In gas generator set, engine oil should not be too much. The oil will produce the following a few big harm: (too much 1) High oil level under the big stir is easy to produce oil and gas in high temperature burning, causing the explosion of the crankcase. Therefore, biogas generator oil rather more don't make fewer errors, general oil oil line should be slightly lower than the oil dipstick scale advisable, oil level is too high to backfire. ( 2) Biogas generator engine is working as a result of the crankshaft agitation, make oil foaming metamorphism, increase the crankshaft rotational resistance, in addition the oil level is too high will also hinder the movement of connecting rod, so as to reduce the mechanical efficiency. ( 3) Because the oil is up to the combustion chamber combustion increase, oil consumption increase. Oil burning easily on the top of the piston ring, piston valve seat, after the formation of carbon deposition nozzle, causes the piston ring killed, such as nozzle clogging failure. ( 4) Easy to leak on the crankshaft both before and after the end, increase the consumption of oil, also pollute the environment, increasing the difficulty of maintenance.
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