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Waste gas generator prospect analysis

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-17
Waste gas generator set outlook analysis in order to adapt to the development of the market environment, our company actively response to the call of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, in the waste of biogas power generation projects invested heavily in research and development, producing a garbage produced specifically for methane gas generator, its performance and the parameters tested belongs to the forefront in the country. Once launched by the masses of user's consistent high praise, the waste gas power generation in our country still exists in popularity is low, the consciousness of biogas power generation is not high, biogas power generation market prospect is very broad. At home and abroad to use the biogas power generation on methane (landfill The landfill gas) By landfill in the generated after anaerobic decomposition of organic matter, its main ingredients including methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor and hydrogen sulfide gas. Gas of methane by richly contain heat can be used as fuel gas generator or other industrial USES, in Europe, America and other countries and regions have extensive application, at present in Asia and has a great development in our country. According to concerning sectional statistic, our country city garbage quantity about 1 year. 500 million tons, and annual growth at 10% speed, garbage disposal after the formation of the biogas, has become a difficult problem bothering city development. Biogas contains methane gas has been acknowledged as the damage of atmospheric ozone layer, one of the main pollutants of the global greenhouse effect. To this end, the United Nations environmental groups and in most countries, including China, governments, already include dealing with the greenhouse effect of the main pollutants in the environment protection key support project. Additional, the methane in the biogas is a kind of very dangerous flammable gas, usually when the concentration of 5-15% in flame can produce explosion. Every year there are many at home and abroad because of the waste gas chroma of fire and explosion casualties and property losses caused by the events we see an endless, has become an important security hidden danger. Biogas power generation is very promising, for this, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and the environmental protection administration has also included the processing of the greenhouse gases in key construction projects. Anshan city in recent years, successively in nanjing, ma on shan and supporting the construction of the landfill biogas power generation and use of the project, through the practice showed that biogas power generation and has achieved good economic and social benefits. Looked from the investigation, the use of biogas plant biogas construction has become a domestic and international advanced city for the first selection of landfill gas processing, can make the waste gas of methane into, to meet the requirements of resource, reduction and harmless, conform to the state advocates the development trend of petrochemical energy environmental protection. At the same time, the landfill gas handling work as a model of an important indicator, has become a measure of a city an important symbol of management level. Because of the waste gas power generation project is a project of comprehensive utilization of resources, state of resources comprehensive utilization project very seriously, relevant departments to give comprehensive utilization project certain preferential policies. The former state economic and trade commission in the resources comprehensive utilization power plant ( The unit) That measures for the administration of notice ( The economic and trade resources [ 2000] No. 660) Pointed out in a feed-in tariff, in principle, homogeneous networks in accordance with the principle of single-phase &three-phase, conditional can implement peak valley price, because of the high cost of special circumstances cannot perform with net homogeneity, the principle of single-phase &three-phase can execute individual pricing, by comprehensive utilization of biogas power generation enterprises, grid management department puts forward plan, submitted to the price administrative department at or above the provincial level for approval. Grid buy comprehensive utilization power plant power purchase electricity bills must be included in the cost of what had happened, as the basis of grid sales price adjustment.
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