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Waste incineration power plant incinerator related introduction

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-03
Commonly used incinerator waste incineration power plants at present there are mainly three types: mechanical the grate type incinerator, rotary kiln incinerator and circulating fluidized bed incinerator, the following are introduced: 1, the grate type incinerator the mechanical equipment in a variety of forms, the application of MSW over 80% of the total market of the world, from the basic structure of grate, can be divided into composed of grate piece of grate and composed of a set of the hollow cylinder of the grate two class; From the perspective of a grate movement form, can be divided into two types of reciprocating motion and rolling motion. The equipment is one of the biggest advantage is the mature technology, stable operation, wide adaptability, the vast majority of solid waste without any pretreatment can be directly into the furnace combustion, especially used in large waste processing, can make the waste incineration power generation ( Or heating) , this device also has some limitations, particularly high moisture content of sludge, large domestic waste should not be applicable. Mechanical figure 2 the grate type incinerator, rotary kiln incinerator if pending garbage contains a variety of difficult burning material, or waste water range is larger, rotary kiln incinerator is the ideal choice, the rotational speed of rotary kiln for change, can affect the garbage in the stay time in the kiln, and the garbage in the high temperature air and excess oxygen exert strong mechanical collision, can get combustible substance content of very low slag and corruption. But the technology also has some obvious disadvantages: capacity is not big, fly ash disposal, combustion is not easy to control, these factors make it difficult to adapt to the need of power generation, in the current application in waste incineration is less. Rotary kiln incinerator in figure 3, fluidized bed incinerator fluidized bed incinerator can be on any garbage incineration, the biggest advantage is that can be completely burning effect, and to the most thorough destruction of harmful substances, general row from the smoldering content are around 1%, is the lowest, the several ways of environmental protection, the use of this equipment because the pretreatment of waste has strict requirements, also applied in waste incineration is limited, and the existing fluidized bed incinerator treatment norms is lesser, has not been widely used, remains to be further improved. Fluidized bed incinerator figure above is a new shengan power organize relevant knowledge about garbage incinerator, hope will be helpful to you.
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