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What are the precautions for running generator sets in winter

What are the precautions for running generator sets in winter


Gradually in winter, pay attention to keep warm. Generator sets are used as the main backup power source for breeding enterprises and chemical enterprises, providing a stable power supply for the production and life of enterprises. As the main power supply, we also need our careful care to survive the cold winter safely.

So what should I pay attention to when using and maintaining generator sets in winter? 

The precautions for daily maintenance of the generator set and some special considerations in winter require our attention.

1. Replace the fuel. Generally, the freezing point of the diesel used should be 3-5°C lower than the seasonal low temperature to ensure that the diesel solidification does not affect the use of the generator set at low temperatures. Change the fuel in time according to local temperature changes.

2. If the temperature in the replacement engine oil room is lower than 0°C, the viscosity of the lubricating oil suitable for other seasons will increase, which is not conducive to the lubrication of parts in the engine and affects the normal start of the engine. At this time, low-viscosity lubricating oil needs to be replaced. Generally, CF-4-15W-40 type lubricating oil can be selected to meet the lubrication needs of diesel engines in winter.

3. The role of water jacket heater In winter, if conditions permit, the generator set can be equipped with a water jacket heater, so that the machine can maintain a certain "body temperature" and can easily operate at any time.

4. Start the generator set correctly: some operators can start the diesel generator set quickly, and often use the start method without water (start first, then add cooling water). This practice will cause serious damage to the crew. Start the generator set according to the correct starting method to prolong the service life of the generator set: first cover the heat preservation quilt on the water tank, open the drain valve, and continuously pour 60-70℃ clean soft water into the water tank. Touch the water flowing out of the drain valve with your hands. Feel it, then close the drain valve, and then start the generator set.

5. Precautions for low-temperature loading The diesel generator set has just started. Due to the low body temperature and high oil viscosity, the oil is not easy to fill the friction surface of the parts. If the generator set is operated with load at this time, the parts lack lubricating oil, which will cause serious wear and tear of the machine. In addition, plunger springs, valve springs and injector springs are also prone to breakage due to "cold brittleness". After the diesel generator starts to catch fire in winter, it should be idle for a few minutes at low and medium speed, and when the cooling water temperature reaches 60℃, put it into load operation.

6. Correctly discharge water after shutdown. The generator runs at idling speed before shutdown. After the cooling water temperature drops below 60℃, turn off the engine and release the water. If the cooling water is discharged prematurely, the engine body will shrink suddenly when the internal temperature is high when it is attacked by the cold air, causing cracks in the diesel engine. When draining water, the remaining water in the body should be completely drained to avoid freezing and swelling, which may cause body damage. No matter what season, antifreeze can be used, which not only plays a cooling role, but also protects the diesel engine.



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