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What are the requirements of cummins generator

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-09
Cummins generator set is in the 1980 s the United States cummins company products, full range of four and six cylinder two kinds of models, with advanced structure, powerful, economical, simple operation, convenient maintenance and overhaul interval long wait for an advantage, but the aircraft structure is complex, different from other domestic models, proper use of cummins diesel engine, can improve its service life. 1, often check cummins PT fuel supply system in diesel generating sets is PT fuel oil supply system. Its basic principle is that cummins generator set according to the fuel pump output pressure and fuel injector feed time impact on input to control the oil, so as to meet the needs of different working condition of diesel engine. Because PT fuel oil supply system is not equipped with a hand pump, so you need to check whether the diesel oil in the tank often enough. Diesel after sucked out the car, to restart the engine for a long time, it is very bad to start the machine service life, secondly, in order to guarantee smooth PT fuel oil supply system, reduce the early wear PT fuel pump and fuel injector, request the diesel must be clean, before going through sufficient precipitation, and filtered to remove impurities. Come on when should pay attention to keep clean, don't get mixed with dust and moisture. 2, correctly enforce the rules of the initial running-in cummins diesel generator service life, working reliability and economy to a certain extent, depends on the initial running-in use diesel vehicles, the user after buying a new car, new car must be in accordance with the provisions of 1500 ~ 2500 km of running-in period ( The equivalent of 100 h) 。 Running-in requirements do not overload and high speed ( Load shall not exceed 80% of the rated the quality of quality, the high speed of no more than 45 km/h) , high power working time not more than 5 min, the running-in period for every 10 h plane should check a crankcase oil, new running-in is one of the important starting point, and prolong the service life of the diesel engine running-in period to cope with a new car after completion of maintenance. 3, should not be idle for a long time for cummins generator group leader idle operation can reduce spray atomization quality, accelerate the cylinder wall early wear. Because of the merits of the atomization quality and injection pressure, fuel injector aperture and camshaft speed has a direct relationship. Because of the injector aperture is constant, so the fuel atomization quality depends on the camshaft speed, injection pressure and camshaft speed slower, injection pressure, the longer the fuel atomization quality worse, and camshaft speed changes over the rotational speed of diesel engine. Idle for a long time can lead to diesel engine combustion temperature is too low, incomplete combustion, thus may cause carbon deposit plug fuel injector, piston ring, or make the nozzle valve gets stuck, in addition, if the diesel engine coolant temperature is too low, some not burning diesel oil film will scour the cylinder wall, dilute the oil, so that all the movement of the parts is not very good diesel engine lubrication, lead to premature wear and tear parts. More content: https://www gas generator. xsapower。 com/
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