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What's the generator excitation system is mainly for

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-05
( 1) Excitation system of the main functions are: first, according to own gas generator load changes, the corresponding regulating current, and maintain the normal stable voltage of the voltage. Second, the control between each generator voltage distribution, to ensure that the generator reactive power between the small. Third, failure occurs when the generator, excitation system can be magnetic, therefore the first block fault continue to happen. Fourth, the excitation system can according to the situation of the factory, to large and small generator excitation limit. ( 2) Synchronous generator excitation system other than the excitation source of field current can control and adjust the role of electric control device is called excitation device. Excitation system is an indispensable part of the power station equipment. The classification of the excitation system mainly includes the excitation source and the excitation device, which is the body of the excitation source exciter or excitation transformer; Except to maintain synchronization with motor excitation system is also influenced by the generator output or absorb reactive power value. Field current increases when suddenly, can cause many problems. Such as no power output will increase suddenly, this makes the voltage will be high up. When the field current variable hours, also can appear a series of problems. And may result in electric power system and generator are not synchronized. Excitation control is a system to protect generator, can guarantee the stability of generator's normal work.
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