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What should we pay attention to when we use gas generator set?

What should we pay attention to when we use gas generator set?


Use Xinshengan natural gas generator, including precautions before and after the unit is started, during operation, and storage! What is the specific content? The following editor will introduce to you what matters should be paid attention to before and after the start-up and use of the gas generator set?

Preparations before starting the gas generator set: Check and adjust the condition of the whole unit before starting. The connection and fixing of each component must be correct. The cooling water system of the engine and the electric starting system are all connected reliably, without dripping or loosening, and the switch is flexible. The lubrication system is good, and the gas supply system and ignition system are confirmed to be normal. Otherwise, it must be overhauled and adjusted correctly before starting.

Idle operation after starting: After the preparation is normal, open the gas valve, connect the starting power, turn on the key, and press the button to start the unit. When the unit is started, pay attention to the oil pressure gauge, there is a normal oil pressure, do not be careless. After starting, run at idle speed for a period of time. One is to observe whether the operation of various parts and components is abnormal, whether there is abnormal sound, and deal with and solve the problem. Idling is also used to heat up the machine. In winter, this temperature rise is very important and will benefit the use of the machine.

Normal load output: After the idling speed is observed, and the unit has reached the temperature (observe the water temperature gauge), the ESC "throttle" can be manipulated to increase the unit speed to the calibrated working speed, and the voltage and frequency of the unit can be adjusted to reach the calibration. Value, you can switch on to the outside and output the load. In order to use external load when closing, it is recommended to turn the speed (frequency) of the empty car slightly higher before closing. When the load changes, pay attention to the speed control "throttle" handle, that is, the potentiometer of the electronic governor, to adapt to the output, so that the voltage and frequency are stable.

1. The engine room of gas generator set should be far away from open flame area;

2. The engine room of the gas generator set should be spacious and bright, and ventilation fans should be installed to ensure good ventilation;

3. When installing the gas generator set, the chassis and foundation should be leveled with flat irons. The contact area should be more than 60%, and the distribution should be even;

4. Explosion-proof measures should be adopted for indoor installation of lighting, switches, circuits and electrical appliances, and they should be firmly fixed;

5. The engine room of the gas generator set should meet the fire protection requirements and be equipped with fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment;

6. A combustible gas alarm device is installed in the engine room of the gas generator set, so that when combustible gas leaks, it can be discovered in time;

7. The inner diameter of the main external pipe of the gas pipeline of a single gas engine below 60kw should be no less than 2 inches, and the inner diameter of the part close to the engine should be no less than 1 inch! Gas generator sets above 60kw are 3 inches and 2 inches respectively. In addition, a gas valve (stainless steel ball valve), a type drain valve, and an anti-backfire device must be installed. The welding slag should be cleaned up after the gas pipeline is welded (using high-pressure air);

8. The fuel gas must be desulfurized, dehydrated, and dust removed, with a flow rate ≤0.25Nm3 and hydrogen ≤10%;

9. Demineralized water must be used for cooling water of gas generator set.

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