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Why methane into biogas generator set before

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-19
Why methane into biogas generator set before processing: because of the biogas generated from the waste in addition to containing large amounts of methane and carbon dioxide, also contain other impurities such as hydrogen sulfide, and the moisture, nitrogen oxides, siloxane and other components. Hydrogen sulfide content in the anaerobic fermentation to produce biogas is big, can produce corrosion to the equipment after effect, therefore the desulfurization process. Untreated gas do not conform to the requirements of the engine gas quality. Gas directly into the engine, it may cause power fluctuations, unit type cylinder, downtime and even explode. If gas just did simple processing, moisture, dust loading, pressure, temperature, etc. They do not conform to the requirements of the unit. Due to large amounts of water led to the water in the pipes, availability of generating unit and the power drops sharply; Dust content too high lead to excessive pressure loss, and the unit loss serious internal cylinder; Pressure, temperature and so on do not conform to the requirements of the unit, the unit often jump machine, a significant decline in availability and increases the maintenance costs. And after reformed gas pretreatment, unit capacity can be increased by 70%. So, the effect of gas processing quality, directly affects the final unit of work efficiency, thus affecting yield. So choose a good pretreatment equipment for gas dehumidification, removing impurity, voltage, temperature and so on work is the prerequisite of benefits. Shengan biogas power generator set
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